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Group Companies

Our Group is PROUDLY made up of:

  • MCS Cargo Sales:
  • GSSA International
    International Air Cargo Transportation
    MCSnet Cargo Airline (A02), Air Cargo Transportation in Mexico
  • MCS Domestic:
  • GHA Ground Handling - Loading & Unloading (Passenger & Freighter Planes)
  • MCS Warehouse:
  • WH Operation
    "Bonded Warehouse Operations" Service
    CrossDock & Regular Warehousing Services
    Picking, Package Set-up, Labeling, Packing, etc.
  • MCS University:
  • COURSES IATA ATS & ATC - IATA Authorized Training Center & School
  • MCS Cloud Cargo:
  • TECHNOLOGY Airline System
    GSSA System
    WH System
    WH System
    For Airlines (Bookings, Rates, Cargo Manifest, etc)
    For GSSA's (Bookings, Rates, Tracking, Transfer Manifest, etc)
    For Bonded (Mexican) Warehouse (Connection to Customs via VUCEM, inventories, etc)
    For Regular & CrossDock Warehouse (Cargo Management, Inventories, etc)
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